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KT Tires, Yes They're Unique!


Three words: aggressive, heavy, and durable, describes the capabilities of the KT tire! Out of all our tires, the KT takes on wet weather and muddy terrain for fun.   The side bite is not your normal side wall, laid with an extra layer of micro-tread it tackles rocks, and sand with ease. Whether your racing, mudding or just getting through the morning chores, the KT tires can handle it all. 


These tires are made with a unique compound highlighted in the tread, making the tread itself a heavier compound than the tire; this ensures the is tread ready for any challenge you have ahead. The pattern of the tread was made to grip and send, because to the closeness of this pattern it doesn't allow for any nonsense to enter in and distract from the next obstacle. 

Team Pistelak

"We put them to the test this weekend during the @AMA_district_38 #speedlimit100 there was a large variety of desert terrain, sand, shale, rock gardens, brush, whoops... Zero issues with #traction. The #utvtire lugs bite hard, steering is accurate, the #raceutv slid confidently into high-speed corners. Above all, we had ZERO #tire issues, no flats, no balance issues, nothing. These tires took some hard hits from sharp large boulders. There were rocks big enough to rip the wheel out of our driver's hand, rocks big enough to dent the wheel, but the MassFX tires weren't phased. Thoroughly impressed with these tires from @massfx_dfr and @massdepot they are real-world tested and #teampistelak approved." 

-Nick from Team Pistelak, Instagram

KT Tires


Made exclusive to MASSFX the New "Side Bite" tread pattern. 

Six-ply rated quad/side-by-side utility tire-Special focus on the sidewall for unmatched puncture resistance and increased durability. 

Non-directional tread pattern with 1/2" tread depth-Additional large shoulder lugs protect rim and sidewall. 

Top-notch handling and superior traction with a significantly smoother ride in dirt or rock-This quad/side-by-side utility tire are tubeless. 



Very Durable

These tires have amazing traction and are very durable. Impressed by these tires, for the price point one would be reasonable to think they might be inferior, but once you have them mounted and go our and drive on them... you know you just got an amazing bargain. Definitely getting more than you paid for!

Thank you for the feedback.

Thank you for the feedback. We always enjoy hearing how much people love our tires.

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