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Sendero Provisions Co: The Hat For Every Adventure


Ever wondered what else you need for your trip? Ever desired something that reflects your hobbies, dream destinations, or just something cool. Sendero Provisions have done just that. This hat company was born deep in the heart of Texas in the ever-growing, city of Waco. 


Where the Inspiration comes... 

Their inspiration draws from landscapes and elements of America. 

"From our old-school days as geologists mapping in the field to new-school days spent on a cold mountain stream chasing native rainbows, our inspiration comes from our connection to the land and the cultures that represent it. This is the basic calling of Sendero."

Sendero is a Spanish word for "trial" or "path." This word reflects the drive Sendero has to follow the trails their role models and industry leaders have illuminated for them. Each step Sendero make, they walk to support "outdoor inclusion, cultural preservation, public land protection, and conversation through wildlife management." You will often find their slogan "SPIRIT of the WEST // SOUL of the WILD" laying around different patches, hats, and products. 


Just good ole Texas Folks...

 photo one is groupd of men sitting around a fire pit while one cooks food. photo two man standing infront of fire. photo three man squatting down adkusting his gloves wearing a sendero shirt.


 While viewing their website this statement stuck out the most us here at Mass Depot: 

 "We’re more or less simple folks, and we hold our values high: an honest handshake, a hard day’s work, free-flowing rivers, native fish, public land, quality gear, live music, art for art’s sake, craft beverages, and fine Texas BBQ."

It is clear to Mass Depot that this product reflects all of these values and we are proud to be a distribution center for Sendero Provisions Co. These Texans are explorers, adventurers, and storytellers who love to climb, fly fish and be river junkies. 



How are Sendero products you buy helping Protect our Wild places?

Sendero commits daily to further the protection of "wild places and honoring the cultures" that are connected to the these great outdoors. Bring awareness is their focus but ultimately applying resources to preserving the elements they put on display through their products. They have partnered with Rocky Mountain Conservancy, Yellowstone Park Foundation, Zion National Park Foundation, Big Bend Conservancy, Grand Canyon Association, American Rivers, and Western Rivers Conservancy. 


Photo one picture of a canyon with a bridge over it. Photo two Four people standing in a river taking a brak from flu fishing. Photo three a guy with a huge smile on his face holding up a big fish he just caught.


Different Collections For Different Things...

Sendero has four various hat collections: Signature, National Parks, Geology, and Rivers & Ranges. Mass Depot has the most distinguished honor of having all of these lines! Some of these hats include San Juan River, Yosemite National Park, and Sendero Provisions Co Backpacker hats. Each of these hats has diverse materials ranging from mesh backs to one hundred percent nylon hats. Each hat has a unique and detailed patch or embroidery. The patches or embroideries reflect the outdoor elements that they have received inspiration from, for example, a fly fishing reel or the bighorn sheep in the Rocky Mountains. 



Sendero Provisions Co. Rocky Mountain National Park Hat Snapback Adjustable Cap strickthrough pricing $33.99 Mass Depot Price $28.95

Sendero Provisions Co. Bird Hunter Hat Snapback Adjustable Cap strick through price $33.99 Mass Depot price $28.95

Sendero Provisions Co. Big Bend National Park Hat Snapback Adjustable Cap strick through price $33.99 and Mass Depot price $28.95

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