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Team SubZero Round 2 Recap

 On the weekend of June 22nd, Landen and his Dad, Wyatt, took their team up to Round 2 of the W.E. Rock Events in Pennsylvania. Landen's teams consist of his Mom, Christina, his brother, Gunner (3), his right-hand man his Dad, Wyatt, and extended family. When talking to Landen and his team, they told me "that motors, racing, and riding have always been something that the whole family did. Landen started riding dirt bike at age 3 and racing them shortly after. It was no surprise that Landen wanted to start rock crawling with his dad." Landen and Wyatt compete in the Mini-Buggy class. Landen drives and Wyatt directs, they communicate through their Cardo communication system on their helmets. After there competition Landen and Wyatt were open to answering some questions:


rock crawler coming off of a hill in the air

Do you like traveling to competitions?

Landen: Yes, just a longggggg drive.

Wyatt: I really enjoy traveling to these events, yes there wear you down but you get to see the countryside that I’ve never gotten to see. 

Landens Dad pointing to Landen wear he needs to go next. You can see Landen and his buggy in the background


How did you feel leading up to Round 2?

Landen: Good and ready to go

Wyatt: I felt great, the buggy was ready to go! Landen was ready to go! Everything was on point. 

Landen giving two thumbs up wearing his EVS neck brace


How were the courses? Hard/Easy?

Landen: Really hard but fun 

Wyatt: The courses were much different and more of a challenge than they were at rd1. Definitely harder. 



Landen getting ready to start his obstacle course


Have you rolled over? If yes, how was that experience?

Landen: Yes twice, once at the house practicing and the other going down a hill in competition.

Wyatt: The rollover was a bit never-racking but after we got him calm down it boosted his confidence like crazy and he was ready to go. 



Landen upside down at his most recent race



What was the hardest part about Round 2? How did you overcome it?

Landen: The hardest part was a bonus line that I should have made but fell into a wedge and got stuck. 

Wyatt: The hardest part id say would have to be running the bonus lines. Careful planning helped overcome them but it don’t always work as we broke on the last day trying to run a bonus line. 



the subzero buggy in the middle of a obstacle course



What is your favorite thing about working with each other?

Landen: Using are new headsets and talking to each other while competing and Dad letting me smash the gas. 

Wyatt: The look of determination in Landens eyes when he fully commits to an obstacle that’s my favorite part. He loves wheeling, I love wheeling. Best of both worlds. If he makes it through or pass an obstacle that he wanted to do that makes it even more sweet! 



Landens Dad an Landen talking before the obstacle



How did you feel being the youngest driver in the competition?

Landen: I feel good and I love it, people watching me

Wyatt: I think it’s awesome and more kids should get into the sport. Gunner will be coming up in a few short years so we will have brothers battling it out. 



Landens brother Gunner wearing Landens helmet. On the helmet it has stickers all over it including MASSFX



What is the community like a competition?

Landen: Everyone at the events are super nice and supportive people 

Wyatt: Everyone at each competition is super supportive, very friendly. Not once have we had any negative issues, anyone and everyone is always willing to lend a hand it needed. I couldn’t be happier.



Twam SubZero posing around the buggy. This includes Landen, His parents, and His grandparents



What would you want people to know about your Competitions?

Landen: That it’s a really awesome thing to come and watch, the pros and me are running at the same time so there are a lot of things going on, super exciting. 

Wyatt: Competitive rock crawling is a very fun and fast passed event. You have multiple guys on different obstacles, rollovers, insane climbs and drops going on everywhere it’s an awesome show and everyone should come watch or even try their luck at competing. 



Landen, His Dad and Gunner standing on the podium holding his first place trophy



How did you pick the name SubZero?

Landen: I was watching Mortal Kombat and scorpion and SubZero were on it and I liked the name SubZero plus it was winter when we watched the movie so it was already cold 

Wyatt: The name came on Landens 4th Christmas we were watching Mortal Kombat along with Christmas shows and I asked Landen hey we need to name your buggy.  So he was thinking “Frost” off of Christmas 3 then decided he liked the guy that shoots ice from his hands so he decided SubZero from Mortal Kombat. I believe he felt it had to be something of a cold name as it was cold outside.


We want to thank our Sponsors that are standing behind Landen in his newfound off-roading career it’s only going to get bigger and better each year. Thank you, Shane and Lynsey, for this and working with Team SubZero and Landen. I hope we can help each other grow and accomplish more. 


Mass Depot - Massfx/Fullbore


Maxxis Tires


Top of the Line Synthetics 

PSC Steering Components 

Browns Fab N Weld 

Famous Reading Outdoors 




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