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Top 5 Things to Bring on your Next Trip to Yosemite National

A trip to Yosemite National Park if it isn't on your bucket list to do than, man, you need to add it soon. Yosemite National Park stands in the Sierra Nevada Mountains in the middle of California. Everyone has caught a glimpse into this beautiful park, all thanks to one of the default wallpaper on Apple products. The beautiful half-dome mountain displayed on an unforgettable sky painted with a purple haze. Other things you will find at this park are the breathtaking sequoia trees and granite cliffs of El Capitan. Not only it the park beautiful but the lively village filled with shops and restaurants. The one that stands out most to Mass Depot is there OHV trails. Yosemite is a prominent destination for dirt biking, ATV riding, and other Powersports activities.    

Be prepared, make sure you have all the products you need to have the best vacation with your family, your group, etc. The list below are a few things you don't want to forget on your dirt bike adventures in this California famed attraction!



 Returning from an adventurous, exciting day spent on the trails always leads to exhaustion, think about the wear that has happened on the bike. Every dare or challenge accepted, every personal record or limit broken, remember the whole bike carried you through that. Providing a sturdy, appropriate stand, that allows the tires an engine cool off is crucial. The moto stand sits about a foot off the ground allowing your bike to be entirely off the ground. Even at a glance pinpointing the condition of the tires, and the overall quality of the bike is quick and easy. The Matrix Concepts Moto Stand is top of the line, high quality, and stands out in the market today. The Matrix stands are available in aluminum, steel, and plastic that's unique to Matrix. 



When taking different trips, souvenirs are continually purchased as the vacation is ending. Why not be prepared and walk in looking like a pro! Sendero Provisions Co has reflected the beauty of Yosemite National Park in a Hat! The hat emphasis the half-dome mountain that the park is most known for on a patch. The hat comes with a mesh back or a full cloth back too. Each hat has unique colors that enhance the elements of the park the hat is trendy, comfortable, and built to reflect the parks features.


Being on vacation in Yosemite is full of relaxing and peaceful elements, but the last thing we consider is security. Unfortunately, theft happens, and being prepared will only ensure the safety of bikes and other belongings. Kryptonite is the leading chain, U-Lock, and cable provider! Kryptonite has created padlocks, chains, and cables that are engineered with steel and the chains even feature a New York disc lock. Remembering the importance of security at campsites is crucial and important for trips to Yosemite, or any park. 


Weekend warriors, newbies, or professional. We all show up to a weekend getaway with different skills and goals. The one thing we all know we need is the proper footwear. The FLY Racing Maverick boot is the one that fits the bill! Not only is this boot level 2 certified but can follow you from the beginning to the start of your professional career. The 2020 Maverick has the best technology that ensures exceptional support but allowing flexibility to nail the shifts. The extra emphasis on the shin, ankle, and gaiter protect you from the elements while out on the trails. Loading up with a quality boot will only prevent injuries and make the getaway excellent!


While preparing for the great trails of Yosemite, it's essential to think about the condition of your bike. Engine Ice is one element that focuses on maintaining an eco-friendly solution that keeps engines running cooler for longer. This premixed solution enables bikes to run more distant and avoid overheating. Engine Ice is ideal for endurance trails and keeping up with the most adventurous of people. 





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