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What the Professionals Don't want You to Know: Best Kept Secret to staying Cool while Racing!

The best-kept secret in the world is now available to you! Are you tired of overheating this summer? Have you tried everything to cool your motor down? The answer is Engine Ice. 




No this isn't just regular antifreeze, this is a propylene glycol (PG) based high-performance antifreeze. Engine Ice and exceeds all ASTM and SAE standards. Engine Ice is a made in the great USA and created in one of its lowest points, Southern Flordia. Danny Kimmel, CEO of Engine Ice, prides his company on providing a constant product. This pre-mixed, bio-degradable, silicate & phosphate-free, non-toxic formula gained the professional's attention back in 2000 and now has gained global attention. Engine Ice is created by CycleLogic products with the intent on being the best most environmentally responsible coolant possible. Engine Ice doesn't need any additives, what you see, is what you get. No hassle, no extra, EASY.  The Engine Ice formula combined with deionized water eliminating any harmful minerals or chemicals found in even the highest quality water sources. This technique eliminates cooling system scarring, scaling, and deposit buildup. 

"Through our research, we have found many products and chemical formulations that are completely applicable to racing... We have other top quality products in the final testing phase, but we couldn’t hold back the secret of Engine Ice Hi-Performance Coolant ™ anymore... This is why the corporate CycleLogic logo has the phrase “Hi-Performance Secret Fluids” in it. Because our products have been the secret of many racers and National Champions, but now you have the keys to the best-kept secret in motocross today."




little boy filling up his atv with engine ice and next to it is a picture of a rider covered in mud riding a mud path





Danny and his Engine Ice team want to provide exactly the amount you need without overbuying. They determined they would produce a half-gallon and 5-gallon containers. The company strives to provide the highest quality product, so the shelf life is 1 to 2 years. They believe that you really shouldn't have something storing or running for longer than that, so changing the draining and changing Engine Ice out every year is crucial. Engine Ice has found that on average you will experience 15-20 degrees cooler temperatures than normal.  The freeze-up protection down to -24 degrees, anything colder than that you should probably move (am I right?). The boiling over temperatures of Engine Ice is up to 256 degrees or less. It is essential to note that if you add water or diluting the Engine Ice formula in any way, it will alter the boiling and freezing points. No harm should be caused to your aluminum engine ether because Engine Ice is Silicate and Phosphate-free. 






Engine Ice continues to be created by CycleLogic, but it has been tested on UTVs, ATVs, anything with an engine. The result is, all the same, engine Ice still performs at the same high standard as in motorcycles. If your engine is prepped properly then your engine (whether it be UTV, ATV, Racecar, etc.), Engine Ice will work like it would with any motorbike. 

two half gallon engine ice sitting on a polaris five gallon engine ice bucket one half gallon sitting on the hood of a polaris





To prevent any unintentional diluting when you initially start using Engine Ice, you need to properly prep your engine and radiator. According to the Engine Ice website, the best way to clear your engine of any leftover antifreeze, or additives do the following: 

1. Mix the water/vinegar at 50/50 to make a solution.
2. Fill the system with the solution
3. Run engine until warm
4. Let cool
5. Drain
6. Run clear water through to rinse out the vinegar
7. Fill with Engine Ice

This reminds me of cleaning my coffee maker out. The vinegar allows the engine to be cleaned, without creating further harm to seals, or gaskets. Like mentioned before if you dilute this formula in any way it will cause the boiling and freezing point to shift, and weaken the performance of the coolant. 



The secret is out! From racing to leisure daily riding, Engine Ice is your overheating solution. Don't get beat by the summer heat. Run Engine Ice to have the most fun. Comment below if you have any additional questions, or thoughts about the product.

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