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Best Kept Secret of North East Oklahoma Revealed: MidAmerica Outdoors

Have you (or your spouse) ever planned a race weekend and had to convince the rest of your family how fun it will be? Have you ever actually convinced them but had to leave the event early due to lack of fun or entertainment? No one wins in this situation. MidAmerica Outdoors wants to provide victory in all areas of Powersports activities, including winning the family over to the fun-filled exciting Powersports world. The unique qualities that MidAmerica Outdoor upholds during their events are the very thing that caught Mass Depot's attention. After looking on Facebook and talking with our sponsors, we reached out to there Marketing Director for an interview. 


UTV racing on a dirt track



MidAmerica Outdoors, just like racing, is full of surprises. The phrase "expect the unexpected" rings true, and after the interview, it is especially true with MidAmerica Outdoors. MidAmerica Outdoors makes small-town Jay, Oklahoma it's home. The admiration they hold for their town is one of the fundamental elements to the creation of Mid America Outdoors. The owners want to flaunt their sweet town of Jay by drawing in families and friends. This facility was designed to not only to meet the needs of families but to attract people to their incredible town of Jay.  

MidAmerica Outdoors unlike other race tracks, build their competitions around the family, making each event race-worthy but also family-friendly. 
After only being open a year, MidAmerica Outdoors has held three racing events, all thanks to Off-Road Racing Events and their wonderful team. Off-Road Racing Events present the dates for there competitions and MidAmerica Outdoors and turn the race day into a weekend family getaway destination. For example, the first event was a Spring Spectacular, in the middle of March. This event had heat racing, hill crawling, but they also had live music, bounce houses, and a kid zone. The Spring Spectacular had Western Justice, Dueling Pianos, 90 race entries. The Memorial Day and Fourth of July events set the bar even higher than dueling pianos and kids zones, with a fully functioning carnival, on top of the traditional attractions and races.  

As MidAmerica Outdoors strives to prep every competition for the family, Off-Road Racing Events is prepping the track for high-quality performance. When interviewing Mid America Outdoors Marketing Director, she explained that Off-Road Racing Events not only set the dates for the races, they actually "came out weeks before the actual competition prepping the track. " The track, the quality of dirt, and the overall experience of MidAmerica Outdoors and Off-Road Racing Events impressed both of our sponsors. Tyler and Ethan both told us how comfortable, and great their experiences were while racing. Ethan running MASSFX MO tires competed in the 170 class and Tyler running MASSFX VY tires competed in the turbo class. 


picture of a Canam Maverick stickered with MidAmerica on a dirt road with a pond behind it

drone shot of the dirt track at MidAmerica

What should you expect from the competitions held by MidAmerica Outdoors?

Just because MidAmerica advocates for family involvement doesn't mean the competition is soft. They introduced the hill climb last event and only a few drivers overcame the hill. The various heats all express different difficulties as well. The Marketing Director also described that "you can expect to be taking care of with the highest quality of customer service and clean facilities. The grounds are kept up with the highest standard, and everything down to the restrooms are immaculately clean." When signing up for the races, you will find the option to stay on the grounds. MidAmerica Outdoors offers many different lodging options. From 6 cabins, 70 RV hookups, to the tent camping space, you will be able to stay the whole weekend on-site for a full weekend experience. While the drivers prepare for their upcoming heats, everyone else can explore the 750 acres of trails (don't worry there is a map). You can test these trails with there pop up event. This event is called Play Day Weekend. There's no racing or special events but you would have access to the 750 acres of trails, bar/concessions, and camping grounds. If you want to see the park and challenge your UTV, ATVs or just hangout with the family, this is the weekend for you. August 9-11th and tickets are available by clicking here

drone shot of the MidAmerica Facility

picture of the RV park at MidAmerica

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