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How To Stay Connected With Cardo When Riding

During a journey, whether you are riding on a bike or an ATV, you still want to have the ability to stay connected. Whether you want to be able to still get calls from the wife or talk with the other riders you're with, Cardo offers a solution.


Cardo was one of the early, and few, Bluetooth headset companies for cell phones starting in 2003. Cardo's first headset, the Scala, was acclaimed for delivering a clear voice without exterior noise. Not long after releasing the Scala, a Cardo employee was on a motorcycle using the Cardo Scala and realized an opportunity to create a Bluetooth headset for motorcycle riders.


The normal Bluetooth headsets in 2003 were geared for people to wear indoors without being exposed to much weathering. Cardo quickly started working on a strong waterproof shelled Bluetooth headset that could attach to a helmet. In 2004 Cardo released the first motorcycle Bluetooth headset, the Scala Rider. Since Cardo released the Scala Rider, they have consistently been improving their Bluetooth headsets. From creating the first built-in FM radio in 2005 to the first always-on voice assistant allowing for direct interaction with your phone's voice assistant (Siri or Google).


New in 2019 for Cardo, they have partnered with JBL to offer even better sound with the in-helmet speakers for some of their Bluetooth headsets. Cardo has always been ahead of the curve in the headset game and now they are partnering with a top speaker brand to offer a better all-around in-helmet speaker sound.


If you do get caught in the rain with a Cardo Bluetooth headset on, there's nothing to fear, all of Cardo's headsets are IP67 rated weather resistant. IP67 weather resistance means that the Cardo headsets can withstand being in 6 to 40 inches of water for up to 30 minutes and won't be damaged by dust or sand particles. Cardo has created an intuitive app to make setup easy and allowing for quick access. The layout of the app enables you to quickly make changes from your music to making phone calls. With 13 hours of talk time, you can be confident that your Cardo Bluetooth headset will be able to last the whole trip. If you forget to charge your headset there is the ability to plug the headset into a power supply and use it while it's charging.


Here are some of the top Cardo Bluetooth headset offerings available:




The Cardo FREECOM is an economical yet superior Bluetooth headset. If you are looking for a Bluetooth headset that will give you easy operation and a 2-way intercom system look no further than the Cardo FREECOM. The Cardo FREECOM gives every rider the ability to answer phone calls with one touch and comes with automatic volume that adjusts based on outside noise. The FREECOM allows you to get GPS directions while listening to music or talking with your passenger. You and your pals can listen to the same music or radio station during a ride all through the Cardo app.


When connected to another Bluetooth headset, the Cardo FREECOM allows the rider to share their audio with the other headset connected to them. The Cardo FREECOM comes in 3 different options, 1+, 2+ and 4+. The Cardo FREECOM 1+ is the ideal Bluetooth headset for a single rider and passenger. Simple app functionality makes connecting an additional FREECOM 1+ a breeze. If you purchase a Cardo FREECOM 1+ Duo then both Bluetooth headsets are automatically connected.


Imagine you and your buddy are on a long journey then you need to make an unscheduled stop how would you let them know? That's why Cardo came out with their Bluetooth headsets meant for multiple riders. The Cardo FREECOM 2+ takes the FREECOM 1+ and allows 2 riders to connect, listen to music, and talk between themselves as long as they stay 0.3 miles within each other. Same as the FREECOM 1+, there is a FREECOM 2+ Duo that comes pre synched and ready for the next ride.


If you enjoy going on a ride with multiple people, the Cardo FREECOM 4+ Bluetooth headset allows for up to 4 riders to be connected during a ride. The FREECOM 4+ also gives an increased range of 0.74 miles so you don't always have to be close to the other riders for communication. With all of the wonderful features of the other Cardo FREECOM Bluetooth headsets, the FREECOM 4+ has been improved with JBL sound.



If you have a group larger than 4 that you enjoy riding with, a Cardo PACKTALK headset is ideal for you. The Cardo PACKTALK Bluetooth headset allows for you to be connected with as many as 15 other riders at one time. If you decide that you need to speak to one specific person during a cruise, the PACKTALK allows for a quick private conversation then an easy switch back to the group intercom. The Cardo PACKTALK also includes the new JBL speakers for 2019 models.


While on a journey the automatic volume will change the volume based on background noise. So, you won't have to lower the volume every time you stop at a stop light. The Cardo PACKTALK comes in a Slim and Bold model. The PACKTALK Slim fits most helmets while the PACKTALK Bold is compatible with any motorcycle helmet.


Cardo has been on the leading edge of Bluetooth headset technology for over 15 years now. Whichever Cardo model you decide to go with, you can be confident that the next ride you go on with the boys will be the last that you are the only one with a Cardo Bluetooth headset. 


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