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Motul Synthetic Oils - A Brief History

Motul History

New York! New York! The place to be, the hub of creativity, where the broadway met industry and engines became the craze.  In 1853, Motul emerged through the smoke, with roots set in the whale oil-business, to ignite lanterns. Though the whale oil industry was splashing with success, the Rockefeller group that owned Motul began to swim, and explore the depths of this industry. The characteristic of innovation and determination began to shine through, Motul became very first enterprise to focus on creating the right oil for the right purpose. Motul didn't just float to the top they searched for every ounce of knowledge on every step and use of any configuration of engines being created at the time. The Industrial Revolution only started with engines and factories, Motul stuck close to every ingenious innovation and created the best oil for the best use for the purpose. Whether it was in Pennsylvania at the oil rig or in the lab, Motuls passion for improvements in all things began to ignite.

old Motul Oil cans

At this point, the Rockefeller Group still owned Motul Standard Oil Company. The name changed to Motul Swan-Finch Company when Motul switched management in 1919, by Swan-Finch. Motul had been an American based company for more than 50 years until 1932 when a French family bought and relaunched the company brand as a French brand. Motul launched the world's first Multigrade Motor Oil in 1953, and the invention of the century was bestowed on Motul in 1966 when they released the semi-synthetic oil. This laid the foundation that inspired the release of the first fully synthetic oil, the Motul 300's in 1971. These breakthroughs followed the rise of technology in automobiles and the massive worldwide growth of the industry.

"Motul's devotion breaks down boundaries and creates a real artistry, the artistry that only the unity of wisdom and experience can create, the artistry that never rests, the artistry that is always evolving."

The Evolution of Motul

Though Motul started out with whale oil, it didn't stop there. Motul is still thriving with its fully synthetic oil. Motul has continually set the standard for oil. They have also ventured out into not just maintenance but care, and brake maintenance.  Motul now is setting that same high standard with these other products in the motorsports industry. They set these standards by continuing to invest in new inventions and research, it fueled their groundbreaking change to synthetic oil. The company has strived to keep up with the ever growing demand in the motorsport industry. Today they have products ranging from Motul Motorcycle Oil, to Motul gear oil to additives to maintenance and care. It doesn't stop there, Motul also has recently in the last year or so released a series of cleaners and lubricants. As Motul caterers to more drivers, racers, and gardeners, their values are being extended and their roots are showing through with every new product they are releasing. 

timeline starting at 1953 motul century the first multigrade lubricant on the market. then 1966 Motul Century 2100 the very first semi-synthetic lubricant for cars. then 1971 motul 300v first fully synthetic 4 stroke lubricant based on ester. then 2011 Ester Core Technoloy Introduced through 300v motorsports line and 300v factory line. lastly 2016 Motul hybrid range launch of the first ever hybrid range on the market.

Photo Cred: Motul

Where can you find Motul?

Motul manufacturing locations are spreading throughout Europe, India, South America, and the United States. Along with these manufacturing locations, there are regional hubs in more locations including Africa and Japan. They achieve this Global Reach by selling through dealers, mom and pop stores, event sponsorships, and e-commerce that display the same pride and passion that Motul carries. The growth is trickling into Motul's Social Media account.  Their main account has turned into to individual countries accounts and even now their branching out into different racing accounts. Motul sponsors events as well from Grand Prix, WSBL Championship, Roof of Africa, and more.


dirt bike starting line with a motul blow up arch in the background

Photo Cred:Motul

Motul Oil Near you

Mass Depot is an online e-commerce business, meaning that you can have whatever Motul products at your fingertips! Anything from Motul race oil, engine oil, motorcycle oil, lubricants, and cleaners we sell. If you're ever thinking Where to buy Motul oil click over to see the best prices on Motul right at your fingertips.


Motul Oil Review

Our Staff has sought out the best for our customers. Motul as a company and products we adore and think highly of. Choosing 2 to 3 favorite products was hard enough. The list below are products that are popular and can enhance anyone's experience with their motor vehicles. Motul Brake Fluid is one that flies off the shelf with skid marks. The leather cleaner is wiping away the competition, with longevity, and comes out looking cleaner than ever before. Motul went above and beyond with there racing oil, with not only providing the best synthetic oil but providing smooth shifting and has a special bright green look.  


Staff Picks

Motul 1000949 Racing brake fluid Motul Perfect Leather Motul 300v 4T Fluid Factory Line Road Racing OIl 5W-404I

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