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Riding Safely With Atlas Safety Products

There is always a chance of being apart of a wreck whether you are racing motocross, supercross or stock cars. Motocross and supercross riders have an increased risk of getting injured in a wreck since a dirt bike does not have a cab. Being certain that you have the ideal safety equipment when racing not only eases your mind but ensures you are mentally in the race. Constantly worrying about what could happen if you wreck while racing leads to the inability to perform your best. You race to show you are the best, so don't let inferior safety equipment take you mentally away from winning.


When riding a dirt bike, having the correct safety equipment can help avoid a serious injury. Creating high-quality safety equipment that is also comfortable to wear is one obstacle many companies have yet to conquer. A lot of chest protectors are constraining and most neck braces are uncomfortable. For the neck braces that are comfortable to wear they often compromise on safety. Atlas has created some of the most comfortable neck braces and chest protectors on the market while having a large emphasis on safety. 

Atlas prides itself on the ability to provide flexible yet very safe products. The leader of the Atlas development team is former motocross and supercross rider, Brady Sheren. The focal point of the Atlas development team is to solve the problematic areas of modern neck protection. The Atlas neck brace is simplistic yet has increased adjustability and comfort compared to other neck braces. 


The Atlas mission was to create a method of testing their neck braces to simulate real-life dirt bike crashes. For Atlas to have unbiased testing done they used a research company called Dynamic Research Incorporated. Dynamic Research has a team of Doctors and Bio-Mechanical Engineers that are riders themselves and understand the dynamic amount of scenarios that can take place.

The custom testing rig for Atlas products is a repeatable upward/downward pendulum so the test dummy is in a similar position to that of a superhero in a flying position. The testing rig allows for the simulation of dirt bike wrecks that can measure any direction of deflection while also testing the compression on the head and neck due to body weight as a secondary impact. For example, Atlas can test the scenario of a rider flying over the handlebars and measure the total force applied to the head/neck from hitting the ground along with the secondary force from the rider's weight.


Atlas runs hundreds of tests and uses that data to continually create the safest yet most comfortable motorcycle safety products. Here are a few of the top Atlas chest protector and neck brace offerings:


Atlas Nightshift Air Brace

Featuring a polymer construction the Atlas Nightshift Air Brace is one of the most comfortable and flexible neck braces available for adult riders. The Atlas Air Brace is the smallest in overall size available but has contact with 27% more of the rider's body compared to other neck braces offered. The Atlas Air Brace includes a split flex frame allowing the rear of the brace to mimic the natural movement of your shoulders. The Atlas Air Brace comes in small, medium and large sizes.


Atlas Nightshift Prodigy Neck Brace


The Atlas Prodigy neck brace is made to fit older children and teens. The flexible polymer construction of the Atlas Prodigy brace helps to slow down and spread out impacts. By spreading the total impact during a wreck the pressure is not centralized to one or two areas on your body but rather is evenly distributed. The Atlas Prodigy uses a rubber compound tether that has been proven to last through cycle testing.

Atlas Nightshift Tyke Neck Brace


Atlas introduced the thin and flexible Tyke neck brace for child riders. The Atlas Tyke brace fits around the rider's spine and sternum to ensure the impact is received by the larger muscle groups. To create the Tyke, Atlas used the same great features of the Air Brace but made it smaller and lighter. The Atlas Tyke brace also features Jr Smart mounts for fine-tuning the brace to fit your child perfectly.


Atlas Broll Darkside Neck Brace

For children just starting on a dirt bike, look no further than the Atlas Broll neck brace. The Atlas Broll neck brace has a Jr Easy open release system that allows for a child to remove the brace without needing adult assistance. The mostly foam construction makes the Atlas Broll neck brace lightweight and comfortable. The dual-hole design allows for the neck brace to increase in size as the child grows.


Atlas Defender Digital Stealth Chest Protector

This one size fits all adult chest protector is one of the most versatile protectors available on the market today. With 5 possible configurations, the Atlas Defender chest protector can be worn over or under a jersey. The Atlas Defender chest protector has over 50 ventilation slots so you won't feel smothered when wearing. The Atlas Defender has built-in magnetic waist straps and simplified fasteners.


Choosing to invest in safety equipment is like purchasing an insurance policy. Just like driving your car without insurance, you will be worried the whole time when racing a dirt bike without proper safety equipment. Atlas strives to offer affordable and safe dirt bike protection that elevates your driving. Atlas consistently offers dirt bike safety products that are reasonably priced and comfortable. Leave a comment to let us know what you think about Atlas and their superior line of rider safety products.

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