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Powersport Athlete Starter Pack

by Emily Weber 29 Dec 2023 0 Comments

Beginning any sport, even maintaining them, can be expensive and extensive work. Powersports like dirt biking, racing and off-roading are no exception. If you have a child that is starting to get into powersports or you yourself are starting to dabble in them, you might be a little overwhelmed with everything you would need to begin. Mass Depot initially started by combining two small businesses: David’s Tools and More and Smith Family Powersports; so, you are in good company! At Mass Depot we have the items for that perfect powersports starter pack.



This brand is a magnetic air hose for the driver’s helmet. In situations where the driver needs to exit a wreck quickly, there are no finicky buckles to mess with. You just yank and you can freely and safely exit the vehicle. This is a great accessory to add to your powersports starter pack!


Kryptonite is a lock and chain brand that is perfect for bikes and motorcycles. They help prevent theft but also just keep everything secure while traveling, this brand is a must for your starter pack as you get into traveling for racing and other powersports.



Now, this item seems scary because of the price, but it is the best one on the market hands down. Meru is a head and neck restraint for racers, and it’s highly rated for preventing concussions during accidents in powersports. Definitely a must to add to your starter pack!



This brand of four- and five-point harnesses are designed to be effective and extremely comfortable. Made for all day riding excursions, these harnesses are made with inlaid stitching, padded shoulder pads and a secure adjustable latch. Honestly, we should have just put this at the top of the list because these are truly worth it and important for all powersport athletes.



At Mass Depot, we carry lots of different brands that make great accessories for powersport athletes. These are not necessary, however they definitely would be great additions to your starter pack if you are newer to the powersport community.

Twins Bluetooth headset is a great way to stay in contact with your racer if you are accompanying. Stop & Go is our tire repair brand and anything from a tire repair kit to a portable tire compressor to a tire deflator, it is reliable and all easy enough to transport for off-road adventures like 4x4 or bike trail riding. Matrix concepts has great stands for dirt bikes and Fluid Logic is a must-have hydration system for racers.


So, there you have it! These brands and items are our personal picks for anyone starting out in powersports. We hope this list launches you into a fun and successful career or hobby of racing! All of these items are available on our website and our Amazon store, so take this list with you as you shop Mass Depot.

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