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Gear Up For Winter

by Emily Weber 08 Dec 2023 0 Comments

The winter months are upon us, and though here in Missouri we are having a warmer season than normal, we know other areas of the country are getting snow and sleet already! We aren’t jealous at all... 

If you are experiencing low temperatures, snow and ice, then this article is for you. We have just what you will need to survive the rough winter months this season! 


Warn Winch

This tool is helpful to have on your ATV for slippery roads and ditches. If you need to pull another vehicle or your ATV out of a ditch because of slick roads, then this is a life saver! 


Warn Snow plow for your ATV

This plow attachment for your ATV does wonders if you live on a large plot and have a long driveway to shovel. Instead of exhausting yourself shovelling by hand, a few hours and some sweat can be saved by driving a small plow up and down your driveway and road. 


Tripak Heat

Tripak Heat is definitely something useful to keep in your garage or on a worksite if you work outside often. This solution melts away ice on locks, chains, car doors, etc. So you never have to worry about vehicles or machinery being frozen and unusable. 


Stop & Go tire repair

Keeping a reliable tire repair kit on you this winter is essential. Stop & Go tire repair kits use mushroom plugs which creates a patch on the inside of your tire and uses the tire pressure to keep it from falling out or leaking any air.


Milwaukee Heated Jacket

Having a heated jacket on you during cold days that make your muscles hurt can be life changing. Especially if your work doesn’t stop just because of snow and ice, having a jacket like this makes bearing the icy days much easier. 


Spike Headlights

Because winter is the part of the year where the dark hours last a lot longer than the light hours, having these headlights on your vehicle helps you see when the snow and darkness make driving next to impossible. 


Ultimax belts

Using an Ultimax belt on your snowmobile will keep it running smoothly through days and weeks of snow piling on top of itself. This one has a heat polymer not found in any other snowmobile belt, so you know this one will make winter a lot easier on you. 


Winter snow and ice doesn’t have to be dreaded when working outside or making sure your street and driveway are usable. We hope this list helps you survive the next few months comfortably! And we will be patiently waiting for snow here in Missouri. 

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