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Our Most Successful Black Friday To Date!

by Emily Weber 01 Dec 2023 0 Comments

We recently had our best Black Friday to date! The whole team was in the warehouse cheerfully packing orders so that Christmas gifts could be sent in time. The number of packages we sent out was a record-breaking amount for our business and we are so proud of how hard our team worked to make it happen! 


Though we are still a local business, we are able to reach a wide distance of people needing quality tools and gear for a great price through our Amazon and Ebay store fronts! And, after revamping our online store we are happy to share we now sell on Tik Tok Shop! If you don’t already follow us on socials, go ahead and do so! Tik Tok Shop sometimes hands out coupons you can use on our already great deals. 


If you shopped with us this holiday season, thank you! Shopping locally makes such a huge difference in your community, and we love serving the people who depend on our products and customer service. 

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