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Holiday Gift Guide For The Practical Person In Your Family

by Emily Weber 24 Nov 2023 0 Comments

Do you have someone in your life that is harder to shop for? Maybe they are the type of person that shops for themselves constantly, so you can never surprise them with something they have been wanting. Or maybe this person is super practical so having a gift you know they would appreciate is hard to find. We got you covered with a gift guide of practical things to give to that hard-to-shop-for person in your family! 


Milwaukee heated jacket 

These heated jackets are perfect for someone who hunts a lot, tends to work outside often when it’s cold, or even enjoys winter sports and needs to stay warm while enjoying a game. They come in a few different styles and colors, too. This is something they might not think to buy themselves and would be surprised to get as a gift this season! 


Black Rain Ordnance Security Safes 

The Black Rain safes are incredible for a lot of reasons, but the reason we love them the most is they use a fingerprint to unlock the safe. This means they are catered to that specific person and makes getting into the safe by someone other than the owner much harder. The technology on top of the sleek looks of each one has us sold. 


Sendero Provisions Co. Hat 

If you have an avid hiker or outdoors man in your life this brand is a perfect stocking stuffer. The hats are comfortable and stylish and some of them have the national parks patched on the front.  


Stop & Go tire repair kit 

Having a quality tire repair kit in your car or motorcycle is perfect for a new driver or the handy person in your family. These tire repair kits are high quality and easy to use, so in an emergency they are great to have on hand. 


Twins Bluetooth Motorcycle helmet headset 

For your motorcycle friends and family or someone who is into motor sports, this Bluetooth headset is very practical! It can either be a backup if the one they have already gets broken or it could be a great addition to their hobby or sport. 


Tool bag 

Our Milwaukee, Makita or Dewalt tool bags are a great practical gift for someone who might be hard to shop for. They are high quality but also easy to carry around or store in a work truck. 


We hope this list is helpful in getting the practical person you love a gift they will enjoy this season! Or, if anything it helps jog your brain up for even better ideas for gifts.

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